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5 Mind-Changing Things You Should Know About Karma

The karma concept is one of the most misunderstood ideas in all of philosophy. In this article we will give you key points to change your perception and help you understand what Karma means for humanity as a whole.

I’m going to go through those key concepts, so let’s get started!

What is Karma really?

Karma is a cosmic force that has been defined by many different definitions. I personally believe it’s the way we act in this lifetime which sets up our next life and what will happen to us when reincarnating into another body or coming back as an animal. Karma can also be viewed though, as something carried within ourselves that was passed down through DNA from ancestors who had their own set of experiences while living on earth for these past lives with karma being nothing but referential memory chains stored inside your genes/RNA provided you have any memories at all!

Think of it like the quick Random access memory (RAM) of your computer. Where in information In – Reaction Out is super fast.

How did we understand karma?

Karma is an Eastern concept that has been around for centuries. It is a philosophical, spiritual, or ethical idea that our actions influence the future of ourselves and others.

Easy follow till here, now lets explore things you should know about Karma!

Karma as a cycle

Karma is often considered an endless series of cause-and-effect relationships that can either repeat or progress. This means your actions in this life will have consequences in future lives and vice versa. Your Karma may balance out what you did wrong by doing good deeds later on, but no matter how much you try, bad things happen because they are supposed to happen.

Karma is often depicted as a law of moral cause, effect, or retribution: 

The word Karma derives from the Sanskrit Karman- “deed,” action, work. Karma can be broadly defined as something that all living beings on earth are subject to — human or animal. What you sow is what you reap! “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” Karmic actions may include intentionally hurting oneself or someone else to stop such behavior.

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Karma is not about punishment or reward

It’s important to note that Karma is the law of cause and effect. There is an equal and opposite reaction in accordance with this universal law for every action: what goes around comes around!

Karma is Interactive

What does this mean for you? Karma is the law of cause and effect, so each individual creates his or her reality by the thoughts he/she thinks and actions she takes to progress on to the next life.

The catch is that Karma doesn’t work in a vacuum—it’s interactive.

Your feelings about your past will determine how much energy you’re going to put into creating something different in the future. You can use it positively as an opportunity to make good choices now that will pay off later, or negatively if anger or resentment are holding back any true success from coming your way!

Attaining Good Karma

Now ofcourse everybody wants to increase their bounty of Good Karma.

A couple helpful ways to increase your good karma are as follows:

1. Help someone anonymously.

2. Do something unexpectedly nice.

3. Provide food, shelter or clothing to the needy.

4.Donate Blood to the Blood banks

5.Plant trees in your neighborhood and also contribute to global crisis causes. 

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Does it really end with Good or Bad Karma?

Well we did explain it is a cycle, right. Think of it this way, you end up doing a lot of good karmas or even the bad ones. You still have to keep coming back to rejoice the fruits or suffer the consequeces again and again.

Isnt that a bummer?

Gautam Buddha used the term “Dukha-antaha” which literally means end of all suffering and pleasures too. Coming out of the cycle of Karma itself.

“Dukhantaha” – end of karmic cycles.

Yes you read that right. Our seers, monks, priests, yogis, dervishes all reached to a state of “Karma-mukti” – literally translated to end of the line of  Karmas itself.

No good – no bad, simply neutral,  Zero, checks and balances nullified. This is also called as the state of Liberation, Mukti, Nirvana, Tao in different cultures.

How can Liberation / Mukti / Nirvana be attained?

There are many ways to walk this pathless, path. 

Yes thats right, each one of us is ultimately headed to this goal, of self realisation, god realisation, ending of Karmic cycles. It is the law of nature wherein the elders – wiser (not by physical age), but more so by spiritual age, keep a lookout for the younglings.

If you are on your journey, I wish you great luck and success. 

5 Mind-Changing Things You Should Know About Karma 3

A few Pointers – One for the Road!

  1. Find a living Master
  2. Learn from many different Masters
  3. Allow your Inner Guru to Awaken.
  4. Don’t let that Karma come and bite you in the bum.
  5. Yes – Meditate.


It’s all about balance.

It’s important to note that Karma isn’t about punishment or reward.

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