Modern clinical Acupuncture has surely come a very long way from its ancient origins and references available all throughout the world from the Stone Ages to surviving the onslaught of modern advancements in medical sciences. 

Acupuncture evolved in the Indian subcontinent in the Martial Art form of Kalariya Patu which travelled to China with Boddhi Dharma. It got a safe heaven and due nurturing over the centuries as a fully developed system of medicine in china. 

Trying to explain how Acupuncture Points, Meridians, and concepts of Qi is always a difficult task by Acupuncturists in light of Modern Medicine.Yet it is quiet increasingly popular globally for not only its usages for Chronic Pain Management but also as a supportive system to heal Chronic ailments in conjunction with Modern Medicine treatments. 

Can we truly explain the esoteric sense of Acupuncture clinically ? 

Thanks to recent advances in the understanding of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics MyoFascial and the Bio Tensegrity model has started to take Centre stage of understanding what our Ancient Masters were truly trying to express and explain with their Complex and secretive Acupoint models. 

70% of our body consists of Fascia and Muscular anatomy, the Biotensegrity understanding explains to us how the whole body mind mechanism is in tune with the outer environment. How it acts, behaves and reacts – shifting its position in a dynamic moment to moment approach to keeping our bodies at its peak performance. 

There exists only two fundamental truths in the Universe – Flow and Stagnation. 

A stressed position on the physical or mental body – creates these stagnation or excesses in different parts of the body. Sustaining this stressors on a long term basis causes – long standing ailments and chronic pains. 

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