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Acute Kidney Disease


Acute Kidney Disease

Acute kidney injury also called acute renal failure is caused by sudden episode of kidney failure or kidney change (loss of kidney function for a duration of between 7-90 days.

Which encompasses both structural damage and Increase in serum creatinine .0.3mg/dl within 48 hours or increase in serum creatinine to >150% baseline within 7 days.

• Over use of NSAID\’s
• Organ failure (e.g., heart, liver)
• Low blood pressure
• Some disease and conditions can damage your kidneys and lead to AKI

• Peeing less than normal
• Feeling drowsy or very tired 
• Fluid retention causing swelling in your legs ankle
• Shortness of breath
• Weakness
• Chest pain/pressure
• Sometimes symptoms may be subtle

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