As We Get Ready to Breathe Again

As We Get Ready to Breathe Again

Breathe: The Spiritual Importance of Lungs

Ruler of Prana/Qi/ Chi

The Lungs in Traditional Oriental Taoist & Indian medicine are conceived of as the ruler of the Qi / Prana. They help to form and then distribute downwards throughout the body.

The Lungs govern respiration, bringing in pure Qi / Prana and expelling impure Qi / Apana. The Lungs receive nutritive fluids from the Spleen, and Lung Qi / Prana moves and balances these fluids.

As the ruler of the body’s exterior, the Lungs contribute not only to the skin condition but also to the defensive energy that protects the body from disease. Thus, in biomedical terms, the lungs provide immune system functions. The Lungs and their paired organ, the Large Intestine, belong to the Phase of Metal / Space element associated with autumn and with crying and grief.

The consciousness of the Lung: PO

The Lungs are said to house the PO or Corporeal Soul. In Taoist philosophy, the Po is the equivalent of our bodily animal spirit. This animating presence lives and dies with the body and is sustained with us through breathing.

PO has its own spiritual dimension which governs our experiences of consuming, addictions and addictive behaviors, wisdom, and spiritual experiences. When in harmony it behaves like a Tiger in Contemplation, whilst out of balance it behaves like a Tiger in Prancing mode – ready to grab, attack, and consume everything that comes its way.

Universal Connect: Breath and its associated Ailments.

All breathing creatures have a Corporeal Soul, a mark of brotherhood among animal life forms.

The signs and symptoms of Lung disorders in Traditional Taoist & Ayurvedic medicine include acute and chronic respiratory diseases, inflammation of the nose or throat, coughing, excessive phlegm, loss of voice, spontaneous sweating, allergies to airborne substances, and dry skin.

Disorders of the colon (e.g., constipation, irritable bowel syndrome) may be included because of the energetic link with the Lungs’ paired organ, the Large Intestine.

Ménière’s disease, discussed within the context of the dimension of hearing, includes a disorientation symptom, namely vertigo, that not surprisingly also reflects the pathology of the Lungs: Phlegm and dampness obstruct the Middle Burner, part of one of the six Yang organs in the body, and suppress the Qi /Prana of respiration (also known as the Cleansing Yang Qi) that rises to the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth to maintain the clarity of the senses.

The Circle of Breath

“Respiration orients us to the past and the future.”

The Circle of Breath - As We Get Ready to Breathe Again

We take our first breath at birth, inhalation of air and the future before us. In death, a conclusive exhalation releases us from connection to past experience.

In between birth and death, at an average of sixteen times a minute, we repeat this same activity which involves embracing the future and releasing ourselves from the past.

The Qi gong / Pranayama masters believe that by mastering inward Breath, allowing it to fully extend downwards, into the Cinnabar Field2 below the navel and within the abdomen (which the Chinese refer to as the Dantien), a kind of immortality is achieved.

This does not mean he cannot die, but rather that, having achieved mastery over all possibilities, he no longer worries about the future.

Mastering the art

The sacred Qi gong / Pranayama masters know that mastering the extended, exhaled Breath bodes freedom from attachment to the fleeting past and unencumbered participation in the life-energy sparkling amid the emptiness of the universe.

Ordinary language also reflects an inherent linkage of inhalation and freedom within the context of independence. Thus the word “inspiration” denotes both the inhaled Breath and receptiveness to astonishing ideas. We derive our inspiration and zeal to live with every Inward Breath.

To follow the Tao means to seek mastery of the sacred art of both the inward and outward Breath and therefore of the present, the future, and the past.

In ancient times, it was often said that to achieve the Tao, matters less than setting out in the general direction of the Tao. Now, this wisdom and its attendant health benefits lie entirely within reach of ordinary people, not only Qi gong masters.

Lung – The Harmonic Mobilizer

The Lung is the electric mobilizer of energy, consciousness, and the wheel of life itself within each organism. Each Breath keeps us connected to Life and Death with a subtle and invisible string called Prana. Learn to Breathe consciously to be able to drive your life right.

Lung – The Áerogenerator of Energy

We know that lungs facilitate oxygen to the blood, but to well understand how this “aerogenerator” works we need to follow the path of the Breathe itself since its beginning.

We take into consideration that electricity is produced because of the fast movement of electrons. To obtain this movement we may cause a difference between magnetic poles so that electrons accelerate because of contrasting magnetic charges. Another important angle of how Lungs develop electricity is through it’s mechanical movement (kinetic energy) obtained by the air force.

Now we know the Lung is responsible for producing electricity within the body.

As we Get Ready to Breathe Again

But where does this Electricity go?

The lung is the central or electricity production of the body, but most of it is intended for the Heart and a great part of the skin.

Remember that’s why we need pacemakers to manage the electric impulses so that one’s Heart can function right when they are having a Heart disease. Or is it the other way around, because they were NOT breathing right, over the number of years – it caused Heart disease. Think about it.

Further remember – Skin is governed by the Large Intestines, which is governed by the Lungs again. Well, haven’t all of us felt the Static electrical shocks in cold dry winters, this is where it’s coming from.

Lung: The Messenger of Life and Death

All this electrical energy is actually a carrier of information messages, concrete resonances formed by what has been collected from the exterior.

Each inhalation is a message trapped by the Lung and so is each exhalation. However, while the inhalation brings a message from the exterior, the exhalation takes a “Waste” messages out of the interior.

How we communicate

That is why the Speech produced by vibrations of the exhalation brings Waste, complaints, what is uncomfortable. Do we not see people mundanely and chronically talking and venting their frustrations all day long. This unaware behaviour is a coping mechanism, projected outwardly, whilst the actual solutions to their understanding and experience of a harmonic life which they desire so vehemently lay inside their Breath.

 In the traditional East, it is said that only Silence is Clean.

Sadness, Grief, Depression

Traditional Indian and Taoist medicine understand body dynamics very differently.

Sadness, Grief, Depression - As We Get Ready to Breathe Again

Since the exhaling Breath carries “Waste” resonances outwards, in case of improper Exhaling function at the bodily level (which is caused due to emotional needs to Hoard/ Consume/ Constipate), there occurs a “Waste” toxic build-up of resonances which are expressed with grievances, grief, and Sadness.

At the physical level, there occurs a build-up of Dampness, mucosa, congestion. This constriction of natural harmonic breathing creates a sense of deprivation and depression. As the individual is no longer able to express and vent their feelings, emotions, and resonances.

This pathogenic emotion of sadness and melancholy arises precisely because the Ego mind, believes that exhaling fully is very similar to the experience of ” Death” itself. It registers it as a great loss, and so never allows the physical organism to fully exhale right. But if we breathe wrong, the loss of not being able to Self Inspire to Live with enthusiasm becomes even further larger and not natural anymore.

This act leads to many addictive behaviors as a furtherance of coping mechanisms to keep bringing back the natural balance. Loss of consciousness time and again helps the mind shut out momentarily and thus the body can exhale fully without control or limitations. This harmful way of living becomes an addictive vicious cycle of its own.

In these testing times, our entire battle if you see is to be able to take that fresh gasp of breath. The whole world is seeking answers to be able to Breathe again.

The Lung and The Wheel of Health

Now, we understand deeply how important the Lung is not only physically, but more so emotionally and Spiritually for our overall existence and experience here on Planet Earth.

The Lung and The Wheel of Health

peaking of Earth, let me tell you how deeply the Kidneys (Earth) and Lungs (Heavens) are connected. The lung as per traditional Taoist and Indians systems is recognized as the second Kidney since kidneys send their pure fluids so that this distributes them without changing the actual messages from the heavens and provides nourishing to the entire physical organs.

This distribution of Earth + Water + Wind elements is responsible for the recharging and rebuilding of the wear and tear that the body goes through as a process of aging.

If you have weakened your Lungs, you will weaken the kindeys, and vice versa. As they work in absolute tandem.

Between the Heavens and The Earth, lay the Humans and our nurtured little lives.

Prana Science

In India, this science is understood in a deep way and the energy that circulates through the lungs into our blood and to all of the other organs of the body is called PRANA. It can be translated as ” what is vital”, ” strength of alive things “. They say “Prana  is the primary cosmic energy, and it has different forms of manifestation; it is indestructible always in constant metamorphosis.

It may move the stars, support galaxies, create psychic fields, make blood circulate, provide heat or cold etc. Thus Prana os :- heat, light, gravity, magnestism, vigour, vitality, thought, emotions, Soul and Spirit.

Let’s learn to Sustain Our Prana

Let's learn to Sustain Our Prana

The ancients categories Prana into two parts :- Pre- natal and Post Natal.

Pre natal Prana

decides your overall physical, mental constitution type also called as Prakruti. This is your predistined Karma if you must say. This can never be changed, and a person goes on dissipating it gradually through life. Some doe this much faster and adept Yogis spend it quite wisely.

It is a old yogic wisdom which says ” Spend your Breaths wisely, as life is measured in number of breaths and not number of years.” 

I also call the Prenatal Prana as REAL ENERGY.

This is predominant YIN / SHAKTI

Post Natal Prana

is the Prana or energy which we develop through our food, habits, conditioning, environment, emotions, and traumas. This we keep replenishing from the time of our birth till our last day.

In today’s modern times we have maligned and vitiated even the intake of this Prana due to our lifestyles, mental agitations, and simply the turbulence of what we call lives.

I call this Post Natal Prana our REFLEXIVE ENERGIES.

This is predominant YANG / SHIVA

Striking the Balance Right

Let me tell you a little secret. Life actually is quite very simple. With our minds and egos, we complicate everything. Including the simple understanding and the Art of Eating, drinking, even more so Breathing Right.

Yes, you read that right, BREATHING RIGHT.

All of you would have attended the school to dive in academics, and if fortunate enough even attended a Life School which may even taught you PRANAYAMA the secret science of Breath.

But no one really taught us how to Breath right.

Let me explain.


The whole universe expands and contracts in a particular rhythm. This rhythm is in a form of a Spiral ratio of 3:2 ( Pi), it is also called the golden ratio. It is also mentioned as the Fibonacci creation and destruction cycles.

BREATH RIGHT - Cure 4 Pain

Ok lets uncomplicate here. Been to the Ocean sometime in your life, and simply observed the waves.

Yes lets go to Observing the waves, when they are on-shoring (EBB)  they come in layers of 3, whilst they Off-Shore (FlOW)  they go out in 2 layers.

Simple observation of nature can teach us the secrets to the workings of the whole universe.

When you Breathe In – drink the air in 3 layers filling your Navel, Heart, and Lungs.

When you Breaht Out – dispel the air in 2 layers emptying your Navel, Kidneys, and Liver.

This completes 1 cycle of Breaths Orbit into and out of your inner verse.

Follow this simple technique of conscious connected Breathing for simply 2 minutes and see how quickly it energizes and harmonizes all the bodily functions.

I know it’s somehow way too simple, for your logical mind to accept. But I did say the best things in this world are hidden in plain Simplicity.

Get ready to Breath Again

Allow me to guide you right, with this simple process which will not only help your live right, it will take your journey of life into a quantum jump unlike ever before. 

Conclusion: Breath is Life

Just simply keep Breathing with total Awareness.

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