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Autoimmune Disorders :- Integrative & Holistic Management

Functional Medicine & Nutra Therapy

* Acclaimed Vit D Therapy

 * Natural, Holistic & Effective 

* Non-Steroidal, Non – ImmunoSuppressive, No Side Effects

 * Better Management than Conventional Practice

Based on Coimbra Protocols

Numbers Speak of Healing & Wellness

Knee Surjeries Avoided
4000 +
Spinal Surjeries Avoided
6800 +
Neuropathic Pain Reversed

Our Patented Process

Step 1

Spinal Postural Re-Correction (Patented)

Vit D Therapy

Vitamin D Therapy

Co-Factors Nutra Therapy

Orthomolecular Nutrition Management

Step 2

Repair & Rehabilitation

Anti- Inflammatory Protocol

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Supplementation Therapy

Step 3

Metabolic Reset

Gut Reset Protocol


Gut Microbiome Rejuvenation

Step 4

Anti Recurrence Management

Remission Management

Constant Guidance & Follow-Up

Sleep Restoration Protocol

Breathwork & Stress Management

Treatments for

Meet Our Specialists

5-Star Excellence: Our Google Reviews

Laxman Gosavi
My Knee hurt very bad for 4 years, tired of Pain Killers and Excercises with no relief. Only becoming more Painful everyday. My sister recommended to me Cure4Pain clinic. Dr Reshma & Dr Chintan identified the root cause, treating my Chronic Constipation, Lower Back and Knee Pain with right Herbs & Supplements also took 20 Acupuncture treatments. I can walk, standing for hours in kitchen, fold legs for prayer, digestion issues solved. Thank you very very much to them all.
Hafiz Zafer
Main Courier driver hun, pura din Bike chalna padta hai. Mujhe Kamar mein bahut dard rehta hai,bahut Pain Killer khay, bahut alag alag jagah par Slipped Disc ka treatment bhi karvaya. Koi farak hi nahi padta tha. Mujhe yahan par Dr Chintan team ne right Acupuncture + natural medicine de kar sirf 15 hi din mein ekdum Pain Free kar diya. Sukriya Sir.
Asif Khan
My L5-S1 Disc Herniation & Sciatica Pain was very severe. I could Stand, Sit, ride or even walk comfortably. Thanks to Dr Chintan, Dr Reshma & Ganpat Sir. Their Supplements suggestion + Acupuncture treatments i have fully recovered within just 3 weeks. Highly recommend them for Spinal & Pain issues.
I brought my wife for her severe Heel Pain every morning she would get up with severe pain and numbness with shooting heel pain. Met Dr Chintan, he simply check her Pulse (Nadi) and said a list of things that my wife was suffering. I was amazed at the accuracy. He simply said start B complex and take 3 - 4 Acupuncture sessions it should go. In 3 days itself my wifes Heel Pain just disappeared. Must visit - they are different, they are honest, they highly expert, they solve at root cause with Natural systems.
Naeem Sayyed
Thanks you Dr Reshma & Dr Chintan my Hba1c coming down from 9.6 to 7.1 in 4 months with reducing my meds from day one. I was afraid first, but my Father who is their colleague doctor helped build trust that Lifestyle ailments like Type 2 Diabetes can be managed and reversed with Integrative Diabetes management Expert. I can truly see results that matter. Highly Recommend to visit them now.
Tandav Property
I was suffering L5-S1 Lumbar Lordosis, Sciatica Pain till Calf, tried everything but no relief. Found Dr Chintan online and took 13 sessions of Acupuncture + Supplementation Therapy. I njust 3 weeks my Posture, Pain and Strength fully corercted. Top Recommend them - truly Integrative Pain Clinic.
Ashish Jain
V good
Ruchira Patel
Must visit to cure your pian

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