Struggling with an Autoimmune Condition?

[Psoriasis, Lichen Planus & other Skin Conditions, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, SLE (Lupus), Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome, MS etc.]

Psoriasis Treatment
Fibromyalgia Treatment

A Ray of Hope

Vitamin D Therapy & FNM Protocols for

“Autoimmune Disorders Management.”

The Miracle Molecule :
Vitamin D

(Video 1)

Autoimmune Disorders and Vitamin D Resistance

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Co-Factors to Right Activation & Use of Vitamin D

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Dosages for Healthy Living & In Autoimmune Disorders

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Success with Vitamin D Therapy for Psoriasis & Skin Conditions

Who Should Consult us?

  • Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Condition:
    If you are diagnosed with any autoimmune condition- Psoriasis, Lichen Planus & other Skin Conditions,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Sjogren’s Syndrome, IBS, SLE (Lupus), Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Grave’s disease, etc.
    (Kindly Watch the above video couple of times,preferably with a Family Member – this will help you understand in detail about the Scientific root causes at the Cellular level behind autoimmunity disorders.)

  • Diagnosed with an Chronic Condition
    Suffering Migraines & Cluster Headaches, Fibromyalgia,Chronic Muscular and Joint Stiffness and Pains,Thyroid Dysfunction, Type 2 Diabetes, Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, Dislipidemia.

  • Diagnosed or Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, & Snoring
    Suffering through Troubled Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Breathing Disroders,Insomnia etc and even when you do sleep, you wake up tired, fatigued,in Pains with Gut Dysbiosis etc.
  • Diagnosed with a Chronic Inflammatory, Autoimmune, Chronic Pain Condition but Only prescribed with Pain Killers & Steroids with Few Exercises without any lasting relief.  
  • Partial or No Success with different Alternatives and Main Stream modalities.
  • Tired of Expensive & Stringent Coaching & Diet Programmes without real Lasting relief.

Meet the Experts

Dr. Reshma Quadros
Dr. Reshma Quadros
  •  Physician and Clinical Pharmaco Therapeutics Specialist.
  • Functional Medicine Specialist for Autoimmune & Lifestyle Disorders.
Dr. Chintan Dalal (N.D.)
BNYS, D.Acu(Spain),
  • Chronic and Complex Pain Management Specialist.
  • FNM Therapy Specialist for Lifestyle Disorders. Spinal & Orthopedic Acupuncturist.

Dr. Reshma Quadros MD, is a Specialist in Personalised Medicine for patients, integrating Allopathy with Functional Medicine.

Dr. Chintan Dalal (ND), is a Naturopath, TCM Herbologist, Orthopedic Acupuncturist, Functional & Nutritional Medicine Expert.

Their Clinic is based out of Mumbai, India. It is a melting pot where Modern Diagnostics and In-depth Research meet the Wisdom of the East with its array of Natural healing possibilities.

Together they help reverse or bring to remission a vast and varied range of Chronic & Autoimmune Ailments viz:- Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Type 2, Thyroid Dysfunctions, Fibromyalgia, Lumbar & Cervical Spine Disorders, and many more.

Why Vitamin D & Functional Nutrition Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders & Chronic Disorders ?

How does Vitamin D affect autoimmune diseases?
  • Autoimmune diseases are a result of an unregulated immune system that produces an aberrant immunological Th17 reaction.
  • Vitamin D suppresses autoimmunity by suppressing this Th17 reaction in the immune cells.  Vitamin D also induces the proliferation of the helpful regulatory immune cells called “T reg” cells that maintain balance in the immune system.
  • Vitamin D empowers the immune system against viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
What is the physiological dose of vitamin D?

Human beings of the past were sweating farmers doing manual labor, producing 10 – 20000 units of vitamin D daily with blood levels at 70 – 80 ng/ml, eating fresh food, and no artificial calcium supplements. 

A physiological, safe dose of vitamin D is 10,000 IU/day.
The scientific world has accepted that a statistical error was made in calculating the doses for vitamin D. 

No wonder with such low recommended doses, more than 90 percent of the global population is deficient in vitamin D today. 

The Endocrine Society has indicated that 10,000 IU/day is “NOAEL”- No observed Adverse Effect Level. 

Why do patients with Autoimmunity need a higher-than-usual intake of vitamin D?

Research disclosed that patients with autoimmune diseases have an increased resistance to the effects of vitamin D.
This resistance is mostly due to genetic polymorphisms at the level of the VDR (vitamin D receptors).
Consequently, higher than usual doses of vitamin D are needed to overcome this resistance.
The dose also depends on the type of autoimmune disorder. 

  • A daily intake of vitamin D in physiological doses or little above,
    along with pharma-grade Magnesium, B2, Selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids has seen good results in most patients.  
  • Higher doses of vitamin D are needed for few with very high degree of vitamin D resistance.  

The doses are subsequently reduced based on the autoimmune disease.

What is the ideal dose of vitamin D for patients with autoimmunity?
  • The dose for each patient would be different. 
  • The vitamin D levels cannot be used for dose adjustments.
  •  It depends on the degree of vitamin D resistance.
    The test that evaluates Vitamin D resistance is the degree of drop in PTH (parathyroid hormone) levels. 
  • PTH is released by the parathyroid glands and active vitamin D suppresses PTH; consequently, as vitamin D levels go up, PTH levels go down. 
  • The aim is to bring the PTH level to its lowest normal limit. 

When PTH level is at a minimum, the best biological effect of vitamin D is reached for that individual, irrespective of what caused the resistance. 

What are the side effects of this treatment methodology?
  • Vitamin D toxicity is what we are made to be scared of.
    In reality, vitamin D innocently functions to merely open the doorways in the intestines for proper absorption of calcium to the blood.
    Its not vitamin D, but the excess calcium that can become toxic!
    The possible side effect of taking vitamin D for extended periods of time is this excess calcium that reaches wrong places like the blood vessels, kidneys & coronary arteries.

    If hypercalcemia can be prevented while on therapy, there is no fear of any toxicity.
    The following steps are taken for the same – 

  •  Ionized calcium levels are monitored periodically to monitor calcium intake through diet. 
  •  PTH levels are periodically monitored and toxicity of vitamin D is rare as long as the PTH levels remain in their range. 
  •  Calcium supplements are stopped as dietary calcium in moderation is enough when well absorbed. 
  •  A diet free of dairy or in moderation (based on the ionized calcium levels in blood) is recommended to ensure the calcium levels are kept under control. 
  •  Addition of vitamin K2-7, to channelize the calcium from the heart and kidney to the bones is advised. 
  •  To avoid loss of bone mass, patients are instructed to practice a daily routine of exercise, like 30 minute fast walk, yoga and pranayam. 

  Those who cannot practice aerobic exercise might need medication, such as bisphosphonates or right Supplements.  

How about the kidneys?
  • Vitamin D per say is beneficial for the kidneys. To keep the kidneys healthy it is fundamental to prevent calcium overload in the body. For that the patient – 

  • Should commit and take care of the diet as advised
  • Should not take calcium supplements randomly.  
  • Should drink 2.5 L of liquids a day, to ensure that the kidneys eliminate excess calcium
  • Should inform the doctor if they have any history of kidney problems to plan the treatment differently.

Generally, for frequent fish-eating patients, dairy and calcium-enriched foods must be avoided and nuts should be consumed in moderation.
Vegetarian Indians can do with moderate dairy in the form of thin buttermilk and a few nuts.
Again, every patient is different, so the test results will ultimately determine if the diet is being correctly followed or if more restrictions are needed.
Water and liquid intake of 2.5 Litres a day is a must. 

What other supplements are a part of the protocol?

To activate vitamin D, Magnesium (Citrate / Glycinate) supplementation is a must.
Other supplement requirements vary from patient to patient.
They are Riboflavin (B2), Selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids, Zinc, Methylated B Vitamins Complex, Mineral Supplements, etc.

How is the treatment monitored?
  • PTH levels are measured regularly during the treatment as achieving the correct functional status of vitamin D accounts for 95% of the treatment. 
  • If PTH is not at the lower end of the normal limit, vitamin D daily doses can be increased without any fear.

  • During the treatment, PTH levels are expected to go down to their low normal limit and stay there. 
  • When this happens, the resistance to vitamin D is overcome and its powerful effects take over. However, patients start to see the benefits much earlier in most of the cases.
    It usually takes 6 to 12 months to adjust the dosage. 

After this period, the treatment is all about maintaining proper levels of PTH and calcium.
Some autoimmune diseases need the long term maintenance of vitamin D in higher than normal doses while most continue to remain in remission with just the physiological doses being maintained.

What are the required lab tests?

Some of the tests required include but are not limited to PTH, Vitamin D3, Ionized calcium, Vitamin B12, CBC with Iron Study, Lipid Profile, etc. 

Please do not take vitamin D unsupervised as it has to be personalized, potentiated with the right dose and timing of specific supplements with adequate hydration and calcium restriction (based on blood levels)

Some Studies

Vitamin D in Autoimmunity: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potentials
Vitamin D Resistance as a Possible Cause of Autoimmune Diseases:

A Hypothesis Confirmed by a Therapeutic High-Dose Vitamin D Protocol: Front. Immunol., 07 April 2021: Know More

Safety Data in Patients with Autoimmune Diseases during Treatment with High Doses of Vitamin D3

According to the “Coimbra Protocol”. Nutrients., 14(8), April 2022. 

10000 IU of vit D - daily physiological dose for good health

Nutrition: April 2012: A 21st-century evaluation of the safety of oral vitamin D:

Vitamin D levels of 60-80 ng/ml needed to prevent cancer.

Toxicity unlikely below levels of 150 ng/ml: Anticancer Research 2011: Know More

Vitamin D3 Ameliorates Th17 Autoimmunity via Transcriptional Modulation of Interleukin-17A:

American Society for Microbiology: July 2011:

Psoriasis - In 2013, a study assessed the effect of prolonged administration of high-dose vitamin D on the clinical course of vitiligo and psoriasis

The patients significantly improved, with no signs of toxicity observed. Finamor, Danilo C; Coimbra.“A pilot study assessing the effect of prolonged administration of high daily doses of vitamin D on the clinical course of vitiligo and psoriasis.” Dermato-Endocrinology 5.1 (2013): 222–234. 

In 2022, a case series published by Dr. Renu Mahtani and team on psoriasis showed significant improvement.

Renu Mahtani, Pradeep M Nair. Daily Oral Vitamin D3 without Concomitant Therapy in the management of Psoriasis: A case series. Clinical Immunology Communications. 2022; 1(2): 17-22:

Multiple Sclerosis - Patients of MS were given escalating doses of vitamin D for six months, to a maximum of 40,000 IU daily

Then doses were gradually lowered over the next six months, averaging out to 14,000 IU daily for the year. The patients given high-dose vitamin D in the study had lower relapse rates, and their T cell activity dropped significantly, when compared to the group who took lower doses. Burton, Jodie. “Is Vitamin D a Ray of Hope for Patients With MS?” Neurology Reviews 7;17.7 2009) 1-16.

SLE & RA - The authors found that vitamin D levels were negatively correlated with disease activity.

In other words, the more vitamin D in the blood, the lower the disease activity, and vice versa. Rovin, Brad H.; Vitamin D Deficiency As Marker for Disease Activity and Organ Damage in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: [abstract]. Arthritis Rheum 2011;63 Suppl 10:2276.

Resources: Videos

Key Points to Note

It is NOT Casual Supplementation
  • Vitamin D therapy is different from vitamin D supplementation. 
  • Vitamin D is to be taken regularly in doses higher than what is generally advised for correcting its deficiency.
  • Micronutrients and vital minerals like magnesium will be given as cofactors to biologically activate vitamin D.
  • All supplements may not be started simultaneously. They can be introduced, case to case, one at a time.
  • Buying any supplements and taking them casually will not help. Quality matters, formulations matter.
Therapy has to be monitored

Periodic testing of PTH (parathyroid hormone) will be done to help decide and edit the dose of vitamin D for the individual. Be sure you have watched the video shared – VITAMIN D – THERAPEUTIC POTENTIALS IN AUTOIMMUNITY: 


Vitamin D toxicity is not seen if hypercalcemia (higher than normal blood calcium levels) can be prevented. Therefore, ionized blood calcium levels will be monitored too. VITAMIN D TOXICITY: AN UNMERITED FEAR THAT IS WEAKENING OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: 


Based on the ionized calcium levels, dietary tips will be advised to prevent hypercalcemia


Oral calcium supplements are usually stopped as there is enough calcium in our diet which gets absorbed well once vitamin D is inadequate functioning levels. 

It's not a one-size-fits-all protocol but a personalized approach

Based on individual responses for the same disease, doses have to be fine-tuned.


As the immune system of patients with autoimmune diseases is working haywire, they can respond negatively to almost anything including supplements. Then the supplement will have to be changed as per the individual.


The health of the gut matters; Gut infestations need correction for supplements to get absorbed and control the chronic inflammation that seeds from an unhealthy gut. Gut medicines will be prescribed if needed. 

Patience and remaining connected help

Most patients become frustrated and tired. Supplements take time to work. Positive changes happen eventually.


It takes at least 3-6 months to find the right doses – the sweet spot for an individual.


These supplements can be taken along with the conventional therapies going on, as the target of vitamin D therapy is cellular and deeper.


One should not stop these therapies of one’s own will. Eventually, the need for steroids and immune suppressants reduces and can be tapered off under supervision. 


However, the response to vitamin D therapy is better and faster in those who are not taking them.

Your responsibilities to steer your health

To maintain touch with us as advised to be able to fine-tune and help better.


Periodic check of PTH and ionised calcium levels as advised, to assess the therapy and dietary compliances. This helps improve and enhance the benefits too.


Being positive and calm as you will learn to steer your own health better with supplements than without them.

To get something different, we have to do something different

Here, it is a scientific approach to correct the root cause rather than just the manifestations.


It is definitely more safe than any conventional therapy.


Dr. CG Coimbra, a Consulting Neurologist, in Brazil, has trained many doctors globally. %2C-24.66098360000001&z=2 


It does work but how much for a person, is based on the duration of symptoms and the mindset and attitude of an individual. An open-minded approach shows better results.

Clarity is a must

Feel free to connect for any queries as all steps taken have a valid reason.
We will be happy to answer your entire whys and hows.
Please ask for scientific papers to share with anyone who is interested.


How Long Will I Have to Be On this Therapy / Supplements Protocols ?

This depends on the type of AutoImmune Disorder. This is a better lifestyle and Natural therapeutics management based Protocol. In most cases remission is seen within a few months to few years. In some cases it is Lifetime management.
This will be discussed during your consultation after a clear diagnostics arrived at.

Do I have to See You in-person or Online ?

Consultations can be availed both in person and Online. This will depend again on case to case basis. We shall intimate you which would be better suited or a hybrid of both.

Will I be asked to Discontinue Any of My Current Medications ?

No. Atleast not right away, we asses the overall health of the patient. A integrative approach is used to gently bring healing and harmony. Over time when the right remission is achieved tapering may be suggested depending on case to case basis.

Is this treatment Ayurvedic / Homeopathy / Naturopathy / Allopathy ?

This is Not a Ayurvedic / Homeopathy / Naturopathy / Allopathy treatment.
It is though Natural Supplementation Therapy which derives its scientific basis from Modern practices. It does now fall under Functional Nutritional Therapy & Medicine.
The dosage and Potency Nutraceuticals are used for this therapeutic Protocols.

Is this Covered by my Insurance ?

This depends on the Insurance Company. You will have to discuss this with them.

What happens if I skip my Doses ?

Since this is a Protocol and Lifestyle management, it is strongly recommended Not the Miss or Abruptly Stop the Protocols.

Are there any side-effects ?

When practiced under the right care of Trained Experts, and systematic frequent testing – being on the Protocols stringently – there are No – Side effects as seens in case of usage of other Drugs comparatively.

Can I see Scientific Published Data / papers / validation of this Therapy ?

Yes they are listed above systematically in the Studies & Video Resources Section. Kindly go through all of them in detail.

Can I talk to another Patient for Validation or Reference ?

Due to Patient Confidentiality these cannot be shared. For reference we have provided Published Patient case Studies by our Senior Team Members. These are listed in the Studies & Video resources section.

What if I stop or Want to Stop Mid Way ?

This is definitely a very personal choice, being a part of a Protocol based Therapy.
It is strongly advised to first discuss this with our Experts and slowly taper away the protocols. You will be asked to Fill out and Sign a Detailed Consent Form for the same.

How much Expense will I incur on a Monthly Basis ?

This therapy is Not Expensive, since it uses only Nutraceuticals which are readily available OTC. The regular Blood Tests also for the same are Not expensive and can be availed through most Laboratories.
Since each patients dosages are different the Expense per month shall vary as per protocols provided to them.

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