Nadi Parikshan

Nadi Parikshan

Nadi Parikshan is an ancient Sacred Art & Science of diagnosing the patient’s Body & Mind.

The Pulse (Nadi) is the individual Psychophysiology and Flow of Consciousness represented by the three Doshas : Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

These 3 Doshas are influenced by external factors which can cause acute ailments within the person.There exist 7 Manas Prakruti & Vikruti which are the Psychological patterns which create every type of Chronic Ailment within the body. 

Our established Pulse reading methods are able to analyze the patients, Physical and Psychosomatic imbalances, Symptoms that the patient would be suffering in different parts of the body, including their mindset, emotions, relationships and how they perceive the world around them. Through the art of Pulse – they also are able to diagnose what the patient may suffer if they do not change their behaviour and lifestyle. 

It is a proven scientific fact that 97% of chronic ailments are psychosomatic in nature.  But no further reference to how to heal this naturally and scientifically is provided in Western sciences.

This outward & inward journey to find true answers to patient’s sufferings led us to research ancient secrets and texts, and thus learning from Great Masters of these Arts.

Over 60000+ patients have been diagnosed and healed by our process.