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Nurturing Wellness through Integrative Medicine.

Welcome to the Cure 4 Pain Center in Mumbai, India – Your ultimate destination for natural treatments, acupuncture, pain management, Spinal disorders, diabetes care, Sleep Disorders, TMJ-TMD and Dental disorders and complementary medicine. 

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Meet Our Specialists


Dr. Chintan Dalal

B.N.Y.S, PG.D Acu ,R.AP

Meet Dr. Chintan Dalal, an accomplished medical expert holding a B.N.Y.S degree and a PG.D in Acupuncture with R.AP accreditation. With a focus on Myo-Functional Therapy, Dr. Dalal excels as a specialist in Spinal Disorders. His reputation as a Chronic Pain Reversal Expert underscores his commitment to identifying and addressing the core sources of pain. Dr. Dalal’s comprehensive approach guides patients towards enduring relief and improved well-being.


Dr. Kedar Bakshi

B.D.S,,DOWI ,FICOI, DICOI PGD Orthodontics (Spain)

Introducing Dr. Kedar Bakshi, a distinguished dental expert with degrees in B.D.S, DOWI, FICOI, and DICOI. His specialization spans TMJ-TMD and Airway Dentistry, addressing complex jaw and airway issues. A pioneer in Implantology, he crafts advanced, long-lasting tooth replacement solutions. As an Othrodentist, he embodies holistic orthodontic care, prioritizing patients’ overall well-being.

Dr. Reshma Quadros

Dr. Reshma Quadros


Meet Dr. Reshma Quadros, a distinguished medical expert with an M.B.B.S and MD degree. Specializing in Diabetology, her expertise extends to the intricate realm of Gut Biome Disorders. With a focus on Pharmacotherapy, Dr. Quadros is committed to unraveling medical complexities and guiding patients towards optimal health.


Dr. Mansee Bakshi


Dr. Mansee Bakshi, holding a B.H.M.S degree, is a compassionate healer at Cure 4 Pain Clinic. With expertise in holistic medicine, she addresses the root causes of various ailments, focusing on long-term relief rather than mere symptom management. Dr. Bakshi’s patient-centered approach, continuous learning, and community engagement make her a transformative figure in the realm of natural healing.


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Frequently Asked Question!

Cure 4 Pain is a holistic healing & Integrative Medicine center located in Mumbai, India.
We specialize in addressing the underlying  root causes of  Chronic Pain conditions. We use a integrative approach drawing from the principles of Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Myofunctional therapy, innovative dental techniques, Innovative Sleep Restoration techinques and Gut Biome Management. 

Cure 4 Pain, is an actual Treatment Clinic. Where in patients receive Multiple Treatments & Therapeutics. We use from clinically acclaimed protocols of Acupuncture, Herbology, Pharmacotherapy, Myo-functional therapy, Music therapy, Yoga and Breathing techniques. 

We offer a variety of natural & integrative  treatment options, including Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Blood Cupping, Myo-Functional Therapy, Air-Pathway Treatment, Fascial Release therapy, Moxibustion etc. 

Yes, our treatment options are natural and  Very safe. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that each treatment is tailored to your specific needs, considering your medical history and rehabilitation protocols. 

Absolutely. We believe in a personalized approach to healing. Depending on your medical condition, our experts will recommend a combination of treatments to address your concerns comprehensively.

Yes, our treatments are designed to cater to people of all age groups. From children to seniors, our Integrative & Natural therapies can be tailored to suit individuals underlying medical condition.

Deep Restorative Sleep, and its non – availability is at the fundamental root cause of most Chronic ailments. It is a established fact that Lack of restorative Sleep is the real global epidemic, which is at the center of Diabetes, Cardiac Conditions, Growth & development, Respiratory conditions, Chronic Pain conditions, Auto-immune disorders, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, ADD- ADHD, Gut Dysbiosis, Digestive and Metabolic disorders. 
We pride ourselves with being at the forefront of these treatments with Natural & Holistic approach which is targeted towards Sleep and Gut Biome restoration. 
We have worked with over 7000+ patients for Air-Pathway, Sleep Breathing, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Migraine & Headaches, Diabetes and Fibromyalgia – wherein most conventional medical approaches have failed, our Patent protocols and Oral Appliance Systems have reversed within weeks the Sleep disorder linked underlying ailments. 
Our Process is suitable for Children and Adults. 

Human Body is truly a Bio-Mechanical Marvel. It works in synchronicity with all Organ systems coming together 24/7 to create Health as a experience for us. 
Deep Restorative Sleep, Gut Biome activity, our Nutrition absorption, Metabolism, our Posture, Gait and Structure symmetry are all totally connected like one seamless machinery functioning.
Any dysfunction in any of one systems, reflects and disorganizes all other functioning systems. 
Human Body is One – Treatments for the same Must be from Holistic and never localized. 

Sleep and Breathing disorders are now treated effectively with our Sleep Restoration Protocols. These involve using a Simple Oral Appliance, instead of a C-PAP or Bi-PAP machine. It is clinically found to be more efficient and get rid of side-effects that are generated through conventional lines of treatments. We integrate Restorative Respiratory rehabilitation by enhancing Co2 resistance and VO2max thus resetting the Bio-rhythms that govern Sleep, Metabolism, Digestive functions. 
Our protocols also include right Supplementation therapy to help rejuvenate Gut Microbiota which is essential part of reverse all Chronic ailments. 

In our practice we come across 3 types of Frozen Shoulder (adhesive Capsulitis). 
The 1st type originating from a TMJ-TMD and Myofascial restriction, and Muscle Stiffening / Calcifications. 
This type is treatable quite effectively with our Orthopedic Acupuncture, Supplementation Therapy and TMJ Dentistry combination protocols. 
The 2nd type we have observed as Calcification and Adhesion of the Capsule Joint in Poorly managed  Diabetics, this treatment takes systematic effort of managing the underlying Diabetes through Micro Nutrition Supplementation therapy, Regular Orthopedic Acupuncture Sessions. It takes anywhere between few weeks to few months to resolve the same. 
The 3rd type of Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) that we observe originates from Neural dysbiosis. Where in the range of motion is lost due to a Pinched Nerve, Cervical Spinal disorders. We can asses the same and address only after detailed investigation. 

We treat Cervical Radiculopathy, Pinched Nerve, Cervical Lordosis, Spondylosis, Spondylitis and Turtle Head ( forward head posture) with our Patented TMJ- TMD treatments and Orthopedic Acupuncture. 
Our procedure is clinically acclaimed to help relieve, recover Cervicogenic Disorders and help avoid Invasive Localized Surgeries. Which can be very expensive and with Long term Side Effects. 

Your condition needs to be systematically assed by Our Expert Doctors team. 
In most cases prior to beginning any line of treatment a systematic overview is provided to asses how successful Myofunctional Treatments will be for you. 
Most cases do not require Localized Surgeries and can be avoided with systematic Treatment options. 
Our approach is focused on providing minimalistic &  natural line of treatments under strict observation and intervention. 
In some cases where Pain Killers are needed (autoimmune) / (severe -unbearable) Pains, right suitable Pharmacotherapy is suggested for short duration. Whilst working on reversing the underlying conditions with Complimentary medicine and therapeutics. 

Very Cost Effective. 
Our line of Holistic treatments are very cost efficient, compared to Surgeries, Long term Physiotherapy, Pain Killers and expensive interventions. 
In most cases the cost ranges from Rs.12000/- to Rs.60,000/-  depending on the Case complications and number of sessions needed. 

This is the Only Centre where we are available for Consultations, and Treatments. 
We do Not provide Home Visits. 
We do not have Branches. 
The Centre is Open all 7 days, by Appointments for Therapies, Treatments and Consultations. 

In 97% cases of Lumbar Spine disorders, ranging from Lumbar Lordosis, Scoliosis of Spine, Slipped Disc, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Knee Pain and Referred Leg pain is treatable with the right mix of Metabolic reset and rejuvenation, Acupuncture, Core Strengthening,  Supplementation therapy, Myofascial release therapy, Postural correction of Spinal Structure – Gait.
One can expect to be mobile and Pain Free within a span of 7 to 20 days or even lesser. 

We are a Super Specialty for Cervical Spine C2-C3 – C4 – C5-C6-C7-C8, TMJ-TMD, Cervical Radiculopathy, Pinched Nerve, Cervical Lordosis, Cervical Spondylosis & Spondylitis. 
Cervical Spine being a very sensitive and Critical Anatomical position, needs a Global Myofascial release approach. Our patented process of Functional Fasciotomy is Clinically acclaimed method of Cervical & TMJ disorders sucessfuly treatment. It is a non – localized, non – invasive OPD procedure which has helped more than 7000+ walk Pain Free from Cervical Spinal degenerative disorders.  

While we specialize in addressing Chronic Pain Conditions, one must understand that Pain is simply a Signal being sent to the Brain, by the Local Body part, Muscle group or Joint about a malfunction, malabsorption or Inflammatory bio chemical activity. 
In more than 95% Chronic Pain conditions the Bones are not involved with the root cause of Pain. Thus a Orthopedic Intervention, Localized Surgery, Pain Killers is the incorrect approach to reversal. 
We help address from a Holistic and Integrative perspective of understanding the Gut Biome, Muscle & Fascia Chains release and rehab. In-fact the approach & process is so efficient, and cost effective. It is a true game changer in chronic pain management. 

Certainly. Our approach is complementary, meaning you can integrate our natural therapies alongside conventional medical treatments. It’s important to inform our experts about any ongoing medical treatments for a comprehensive approach.

The timeline for results varies depending on individual factors and the nature of the condition being treated. During your consultation, our experts can provide an estimate of the expected treatment duration and outcomes.

We Specialize in Chronic Conditions predominantly. 
Chronic Diseases are wherein there exists a systematic underlying Inflammatory process, Dysbiosis, Micro-Nutrient Deficiencies. Our approach is to identify and replenish, rejuvenate and recover from these hidden root causes. Functional Medicine is the latest advancement in Modern Healthcare approach, and is essential for overall Holistic care. 

We Specialize in Helping Reverse Diabetes – Type 2, Neuropathy and Associated Disorders. 
This is achieved through Supplementation Therapy, Pharmacotherapy, Acupuncture and Our Sleep Restorative Protocols. 

Relieving Sciatica, Radiating Pain, Pinched Nerve, Slipped Disc and Herniations fall under our Super Specialty Acupuncture and allied treatments protocol. Deep Fascia Release and Orthopedic Acupuncture protocols are known to relieve the most complicated and chronic severe pain conditions.  Expect to be relieved of the underlying conditions within a few days.
In-person Acupuncture Sessions have to be availed by visiting the Clinic Only.  

Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Foot, Heel Pain, Burning Foot, Pins & Needles Heel Pain, Heel Spur are very efficiently treatable with our Deep Fascia Release & Orthopedic Acupuncture techniques. 
We are one of the Only Pain clinics that offer these in India. 
Our methods are Non – Steroidal, Non – Pain Killer based. Yet providing Lasting relief, recovery and rejuvenation.  

Most Cervicogenic Headaches, Migraines, Shooting Inner Eye pain, Cervical Stiffness are observed to be originating from Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders. 
It is essential to reset the TMJ & Neuro Muscular interactions and provide lasting relaxation to Inflammatory, hyper active trigger points. 
It is also observed that these conditions are predominantly seen in people who clench, brux and thrust their tongue while sleeping. Thus resulting is disturbed or Non-restorative Sleep. 
It is further observed that most patients with the underlying conditions have excessive Oxidative stress, Inflammatory processes in digestion and most times Constipation issues. Our integrative medicine, Myo-functional therapy, TMJ- TMD and Occlusion adjustments researched, developed and patented by our team of experts  are Clinically acclaimed and sets us apart from all conventional lines of treatments. 

97% of Knee Joint surgeries are avoidable. We need to assess through your current reports. Our expert Doctors can help you understand your Reports and Findings and help make informed decisions. 
In most cases Knee Joint Pain, Inner Thigh Pain, Hip Joint Pain, Lower Back Pain are interconnected and need to be addressed simultaneously. 
This is achieved through our Orthopedic Acupuncture, Muscle testing and rehabilitation and Supplementation therapy. In certain cases  Postural compromise also needs to be addressed which originates from the TMJ and Oral Malocclusion. Yes from your tongue to the toe are all connected internally through Deep Front Line Fascia. 
A systematic Myo-Fascial release needs to be achieved to help you Walk Pain Free, within Days. Without usage of Pain Killers, Steroidal Injections, extensive time in exercising and massages, highly cost effective compared to Knee Joint Surgery and lifetime of impaired mobility issues.  
This is a true game changer for chronic Knee pain sufferers. 

Most patients with Diabetes, Thyroid dysfunctions, Hypertension who are on Pharmacotherapy Drugs, suffer Muscle Wasting as a standard Side-effect of these life saving drugs. 
They develop Micro- Nutritional Deficiencies on on going basis. These need to be addressed by a Gut Biome, Metabolism and Muscle Health expert. 
A Orthopedic Physician or a Physiotherapist is not a specialist in Metabolic Disorders that are originating from Gut Dysbiosis at its root. 
Our team of Experts Specialize in these conditions specifically and are the right choice to reach out to for Chronic Pain conditions originating from the such above root causes.  

We receive patients for our Super Specialty from across the World. 
You are requested to reach out for a Preliminary Online Consultation first. 
You will be suitably advised for further line of treatment options during the Consultation. 
We are located in one of the prime Business districts of Mumbai. With a range of accommodation options for long stay within 5 mins of the Centre. 

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