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Providing a pioneering, patented, and cutting-edge Myofascial and Myofunctional approach to TMJ-TMD, Referred Chronic Pain, Sleep, Respiratory, Joint Pain, Cervical, and Lumbo Sacral Disorders using a natural, integrative, affordable approach.

“Special Gratitude to the Disease because it is always trying to signal us of a deeper behavioural change needed to save us as an individual or as a family group.” 

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A Game Changer in Chronic Pain Treatments

Art of War

The Art of War is the Art of Deceiving.
If you are ready, pretend not to be,
If you are able, pretend to be disabled,
If you’re around, pretend to be far away,
If you’re away, pretend to be close.
If your enemy is greedy and hungry to succeed, seduce him.
If he is confused, catch him.
If he is consistent, be prepared.
If he is powerful, avoid him.
If he is angry, provoke him.
If he is humble, be arrogant.
If he is still, compel him to act.
If he is united, divide him.
Camouflage your weaknesses as strengths.
Act vulnerable, use your hidden strengths as traps.
Attack when he is not ready.
Throw yourself on him when he is not expecting it.
Lose small battles on purpose, to lead a winning War.
A Great General Wins the Nation without using a single arrow, without sacrificing lives and livestock, without losing the national treasures.
The crown is protected, for its people can thrive, people are protected so that the Crown can thrive.

~ Sun Tzu

Art of War - Cure 4 Pain

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Dr Chintan Dalal


Mr.Chintan Dalal (N.D),R.AP, B.N.Y.S, D.Acu (ECAN, Spain), PG.D Acc (UWS, Sydney), MyoTherapist, Form-Function-Postural Rehabilitation Expert is a highly experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Therapy practitioner. He is an Expert in Pulse diagnosis – proficient in working with Chronic Pain ailments. A keynote Public speaker on multiple forums, events, and Community service organizations.


Dr Kedar Bakshi B.D.S, F.I.SO.I., F.I.C.O.I.,D.I.C.O.I (USA)., Fellow and Diplomate in Implantology, Curriculum Implantology – Germany., DOWI, Diplomate in Orthodontics., Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, USC Spain. A keynote Speaker at National and International forums. Multiple Award-winner for various fields in Advanced Implantology and Occlusion Function.


Dr. Mansee Bakshi, B.H.M.S,

Functional Nutritionist
Dip.Clinical Psychology and Counseling

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