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Experience Relief, Joy, and Holistic Healing.

India’s Trusted & Best Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai.

Our patented process of Chronic Pain Treatments and reversal for Posture, Structure, Gait and Metabolic Disorders Is a true game changer.

India's Trusted & Best Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai

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3800 +
Acupuncutre Treatments


3800 +
Spinal Surgeries


5800 +
Diabetic Neuropathy


6800 +
TMJ & Air-Pathway

India's Trusted & Best Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai

logo leaf new - Cure 4 Pain

Escape the Cycle of Conventional Treatments.

Are you tired of relying on conventional treatments that only mask the symptoms?
At Cure 4 Pain, we offer a refreshing approach to healing that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of pain and discomfort. Through our journey of treating over 30000+ patients for Chronic Pain disorders arising from
Posture, Structure, Gait and Metabolic underlying root causes. We realized that Physical and Internal Medicine with Multi-Specialty integration under One roof is a dire necessity to be able to help Heal a patient.  

Integrated Medicine for Holistic Care & Cure.

We brought together a truly integrated Expert team of TMJ- TMD & Air-Pathway Dentists, Myofascial & Myofunctional Therapists, Acupuncture and Traditional Herbal Medicine Experts, Gut Biome-Metabolic and Diabetes Disorders Experts, Nutritionists & Naturopaths and a battery of Consulting Advisors. 
When the idea is to help heal, ALL – PATHIES have to come together to truly help relieve, reverse and rejuvenate. With a united idea to be holistic, minimalistic and yet impactful. 

Take the First Step.

The path to a pain-free and healthier life begins with a single step. Reach out to India’s Trusted & Best Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai, Schedule a consultation Now. 

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Our Transformative Healing Solutions

Spinal Treatments & Therapy

Spinal Treatments & Therapy

Discover Relief and Renewed Mobility

Experience relief from Spinal, Neuro Muscular, and Joint Disorders. Take action now for a healthier you.
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Neuro-muscular and Air Pathway Dentistry

Neuro-Muscular & Air Pathway Dentistry

Achieve Total Wellness

Transforming Lives through TMJ/TMD Air Pathway Treatments, Cervical Spine Disorder Treatments, Sleep Apnea & Breathing Disorders, Critical Implants and Advanced Dentistry.
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Diabetes Management & Complimentary Medicine

Diabetes Management & Reversal

Revitalize Diabetes Care

Holistic Approach to Diabetes Reversal, Neuropathic Care, and Associated Disorders Management.
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Meet Our Specialists

Stories of Success

Clinically Acclaimed  Success Stories. 

5-Star Excellence: Our Google Reviews

Ashish Jain
Ashish Jain
V good
Ruchira Patel
Ruchira Patel
Must visit to cure your pian
Swapna PC
Swapna PC
I’ve been under treatment for my acidity and gastric issues from Chintan since two years. I get good relief from his medicines and he’s always ready to respond on phone whenever I have any health related issues. I visited his clinic at Mindspace in Malad West and was in awe for the way it’s been made up. The music therapy room was so beautifully made. He is a healer for physical ailments and psychological issues. Wishing him good luck and May he continue serving people.
Hemanshu S. Chokhani Student
Hemanshu S. Chokhani Student
Dr. Chintan Dalal has managed to develop a unique mix of ancient and modern medicine to provide solutions for erstwhile impossible to tackle health conditions. This coupled with his super streamlined treatment method, calming ambience, non invasive diagnosis and caring staff means that I typically enjoy my treatment and get treated as well. Strongly recommend for chronic back / neck pain, IBS, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, addiction recovery, chronic allergies, low energy levels, diabetes and hypertension. Personally, have managed to lasting releif from multiple endocrine issues, work anxiety and spine linked pain. Tips: Push Dr. Chintan for change in your food and sleep habits. You may be surprised !
Kedar Raje
Kedar Raje
Life changing experience from the Master himself. Spiritual clarity about our body mind and it's behavioural science in our everyday life. Awaiting for the next step in our journey 🙏🙏🙏

Our Approach

Holistic Fusion:

We blend ancient wisdom with modern insights, offering a holistic spectrum of healing possibilities.

Revealing Origins

We go beyond surface symptoms, uncovering hidden imbalances and energy blockages.

Personalized Care

Your journey is tailored to your unique needs, by qualified & well experienced doctors.

Empowering Choices

Choose from natural treatments like Ayurveda and acupuncture, taking control of your health.

A Game Changer in Pain Reversal

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Follow our Research & Case Paper for Chronic Ailments Reversal.

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